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We service all makes and models of ACs, heat pumps, and furnaces.

Maintenance Agreement

Your HVAC systems work hard to keep you comfortable. They are complex, high-pressure systems that essentially are expected to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Having your system "tuned up" before the summer and winter seasons ensures your investment keeps running at optimum performance and efficiency.  It's important to understand that we don't use a seasonal checkup as a sales opportunity--the goal is to keep your system safe and efficient, maximizing its lifespan with as little cost to you as possible. 
Comfort Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Club Maintenance Agreements provide all of the following benefits: 
  • Bi-annual checkups that we contact you to schedule--one in the spring, one in the fall.
  • Prioritized service call scheduling,
  • Discounts on repairs & system change-outs.
  • Financing options for both service agreements and major repairs.  
 How much is it to protect your investment?
  • (1) System:  $250.00/year
  • Each additional system:  $125/year
  • Note:  A gas furnace with straight AC is considered (1) system, as is a heat pump with outdoor unit and air handler.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a Comfort Club maintenance agreement!

PRIORITIZED SCHEDULING:  Our appointment calendar can rapidly fill up during the heat of the summer and the bitter cold of winter.  As a Comfort Club member you are guaranteed that a technician will be at your home within 24-72 hours of your request for service. 
DISCOUNTED SERVICE CALL, REPAIR, AND REPLACEMENT RATES:   Service call rates drop from $92.50 to $80, all repairs are charged with a 10% discount, and system replacements receive a 5% discount.  The savings really add up! 
BI-ANNUAL CHECKUPS: What exactly do we check? Here’s an overview.   
  • Heatpumps: These systems work non-stop through the entire year. They operate at high pressures with constant, intense vibration. It is easy for electrical components and wiring to loosen, weaken, and fail. Freon passes through narrow piping that can also develop leaks.   Condensation lines get clogged. Our seasonal checkups address each of these issues--pressure and freon levels are checked; wiring is checked and tightened; voltage/amperage of all electrical components are checked for weakness; coils and condensate lines are checked, cleaned, and cleared. Overall, the system is monitored to ensure it is operating within manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Gas Furnaces:  One of the biggest dangers that come from an unmaintained gas furnace is a carbon monoxide leak.  This can be caused by a cracked or dirty heat exchanger,  and it is a primary focus of our checkups.  In basic layman's terms, the heat exchanger converts fuel into heat.  Our checkups also include checking all controls and safeties (which means that the system is turning on when it should and that all safety devices are operating properly).  As with heatpump checkups, we also check all electrical components to make sure they are pulling the correct amperages/voltages, and also ensure that wiring is secure.
We don't utlitize maintenance agreements as sales opportunities.  Our technicians are just that--technicians. We have no upsell quotas or requirements.  Our focus is to keep your system running at peak efficiency in the most economical way possible.    
Here is a list of some of the diagnostics performed during a seasonal checkup: 
  1. Install gauges and check operating pressures.
  2. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter
  3. Check air temperature drop across evaporator.
  4. Check for adequate refrigerant charge and possible leaks.
  5. Check evaporator superheat.
  6. Lubricate all moving parts.
  7. Check belt and adjust tension.
  8. Check filters.
  9. Check pressure switch cut out settings.
  10. Check electrical lock out circuits.
  11. Check starting contractor contacts.
  12. Check all wiring and connections.
  13. Clean and adjust thermostat.
  14. Check air temperature across condenser.
  15. Check that condensate drain is open. Turn exposed dampers to cooling position, if marked. ( No Balancing)


  • Reduces your fuel bills
  • Gives you priority emergency service
  • Assures you of maximum safety
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment
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