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We service all makes and models of ACs, heat pumps, and furnaces.

About Heatpumps

Your heat pump does not operate like other heating systems.  In the heating mode, the heat pump removes heat form outside and transfers it to the inside air.  In the cooling mode, the heat pump removes heat from the inside air and discharges it to the outside air.  The heating or cooling mode is controlled automatically by the indoor thermostat setting.

The coils of your heat pump operate at lower heat levels than fossil fuel systems, air at the supply grills  usually has a temperature ranging from 85 to 106°F in winter.  Air at the registers may feel cool compared to that from other heating systems which operate at much higher temperatures for shorter periods of time.

Even outside winter air contains  some heat.  As outside air temperature drops, the unit runs more to collect and deliver the necessary heat inside your home.  Hence, the heat pump moves less heat in cold weather.  The balance point of the heat pump occurs when at full capacity, it supplies all the heat your home requires.  As outside temperature drops below the balance point, the supplemental heat (electric resistance, oil, gas, wood, or solar)  is required to maintain you thermostat setting.

If your home has supplementary electric resistance heaters located in the air distribution system, ask your serviceman how the heaters are controlled.  Some supplementary heaters are controlled by an outside thermostat, by a two-stage temperature control built into the regular inside thermostat or a combination of the two.

Suggested Operating Instructions

  • Before the heat pump is started, be sure electrical service has been supplied to the compressor for eight hours in cold weather and be in operation long enough to keep the oil and refrigerant separated, or the compressor may be damaged this is also true whenever there is a power outage for more than a few minutes, and particularly if the weather is cold.  If heat is needed, put the thermostat on emergency for about 6 or 8 hours after power is restored.
  • Do not set standard thermostat back unless you plan to maintain the setback temperature for more than 24 hours.  The thermostat should be returned to the permanent setting be adjusting the thermostat by 1.5 degree increments to avoid the use of supplementary heaters.
  • Getting the proper amount of air    across indoor and outdoor coils is very important.  Check the filters every two months and keep area around the outside unit cleared. Use cold water under pressure from a hose to clean outside coil once a year.  ( The electric power should be disconnected before cleaning. )
  • Do not close off more than one supply register at a time, closing off more will restrict air flow too much for efficient operation. Keep return grills free to that unrestricted air can flow back to the indoor unit.
  • Have a qualified serviceman or contractor  check over the unit at least every two years.

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